Amethyst, stone and its meaning

Amethyst, stone and its meaning

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Amethyst: meaning and legend. How it acts on the Chakras and properties in crystal therapy. Price and precious stone.

Just like the agate, also theamethystis a variety of quartz. Its name derives from the Greekaméthystos what does it mean "not drunkThe ancient Greeks used amethyst as a jewel or to decorate glasses intended for alcohol consumption, they did so with the belief that this stone would prevent alcohol intoxication and would maintain sobriety. This belief is rooted in onelegend even older.

Amethyst, legend

In mythology,Amethystit was awood nymph who had captured, in spite of himself, the attentions of Bacchus, the god of wine.Amethyst, to escape the unwelcome courtship, he turned to Diana, goddess of the hunt and protector of the woods. Diana transformedAmethystin a clear crystal of undisputed purity. Angered, Bacchus threw a cup of wine on the crystal giving it the purple color we know today.

In the more recent Middle Ages, amethyst was used by soldiers as a good luck charm to ensure protection on the battlefield.

Amethyst, precious stone and its economic value

In chemistry, theAmethystit is a variety of quartz made impure by traces of other compounds. The hardness of themineralis the same as quartz, which is why it is widely used in jewelry such assemi-precious stonelike most mineral crystals.

Although today it is considered a semi-precious stone, for the ancient Egyptians itamethystit was aPrecious stoneused as a carving stone.

Until the seventeenth century, theamethystwas included in thecardinal precious stonesor "most precious stones ", that is to say that theamethystit was on the same list as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. TOdevalueamethyst was the discovery of a large number of existing deposits in Brazil. Its abundance has meant that the stone lost its economic value but certainly not its beauty!

Given that theamethystit's aStoneabundant, hiscostit is not punctuated bycaratas it happens with other precious stones. Thepriceofamethystand therefore its economic value is marked by the depth of color. Collectors seek a purity of color, possibly with luminous veins. The value of the gem, therefore, does not go by weight, it does not depend on grams or centimeters…. depends on the color displayed in the light.

L'amethystof "higher level "callDeep Russian, is exceptionally rare. Its economic value depends on the demand of collectors at that given moment.

Amethyst, Crystal Therapy and Chakra

L'amethystcorresponds to the VI and VII Chakras, ājñācakra issahasrāracakra. It is no coincidence that the colors associated withAjna (sixth chakra) are indigo and purple, the color of amethyst. The sixth chakra is located in the area between the eyebrows, in the front of the head (behind the forehead) and in that back. The seventh chakra orSahasrarait is the one that crosses all the channels of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

The importance ofamethystyou can appreciate it starting fromchakrawhich represents. Hismeaninglies inspiritual transformation, in enlightenment and in the rebirth of mind and body.

InCrystal therapyL'amethystit is used to ward off nightmares and to assist thechangeintesto likeimprovement of the deeper self.

By acting on the sixth sacra, it would exert an influence on the right hemisphere of the brain, on the pituitary and pineal gland, restoring the physiological balance of the body.

Thanks to its affinity with the sixth and seventh chakras, amethyst can affect inner security; it does so by improving self-esteem and removing discouragement and depression.

Amethyst, where to buy it

If you have a reference jeweler, you can buy an amethyst pendant to keep as close as possible to chakras VI and VII. Alternatively, you can place a natural stone at home, in one of the rooms intended for concentration.

To get an idea of ​​thepriceand the market proposals, we refer you to the Amazon page dedicated to this splendid crystal. For photos and proposals visitThis Page.

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