BioEnergy Italy in Cremona

BioEnergy Italy in Cremona

BioEnergy Italy is the exhibition-conference to be held in Cremona from 20 to 22 April 2016 where sector operators will present the new opportunities that the Bioeconomy offers to agriculture and the food industry.

On the same days and always in the pavilions of CremonaFiere two other important events will be held: theGreen Chemistry Conference and Exhibition and the Food Waste Management Conference. Let's see in detail what it is ...

BioEnergy Italy, now in its 6th edition, and organized in collaboration with Dlg International, is the exhibition where it is possible to meet the owners of biogas plants already in operation, operators in the renewable energy sector, farmers, breeders and representatives of the food industry that already operate or intend to enter the sector.

The Cremonese area is by far the one that holds the Italian record for biogas plants (over 150) but also considering the general situation in the other regions, we can say that Biogas in Italy is a healthy sector, with very interesting numbers:

  • 1,300 plants operating for an installed power of 1,000 Mwe;
  • 7,400 Gwh of electricity production;
  • investments of 4.5 billion euros in the last 5 years;
  • 12 thousand new highly skilled jobs from 2010 to today.

These numbers assign Italy the 2nd place in Europe for the number of plants, as many as 994, for a total power of 750 MW of energy (source: GSE).

There Green Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, now in its second edition, is a show created in collaboration with Legambiente is Bionet Green Chemistry, where the innovations, technological innovations and new products of the green chemistry.

The connections and interactions between green chemistry, agriculture and the food industry are many and the Cremona show allows operators to compare and make important synergistic agreements by exploiting the specializations and skills of each individual reality.

The green chemical supply chain involves very different sectors, but still linked by productions based on the “bio” concept: biolubricants, bioplastics, natural dyes, biocosmetics and detergents, natural fibers and bioactive molecules.

There Food Waste Management Conference, also now in its second edition and created in collaboration with Legambiente is Bionet Green Chemistry to which is added the fundamental support of AITA (Italian Association of Food Technologists) it is instead dedicated to the minimization of waste and the management of agricultural by-products and the agri-food industry.

The best success stories and the latest innovations in the field of recovery, treatment and reuse of processing residues are presented at this show.

Bioeconomy: the main way towards sustainable development

There Bioeconomy is the common concept of the three initiatives as it constitutes the main way to ensure sustainable development, food security and less dependence on fossil energy sources for future generations.

Italy, in relation to the value produced by activities that refer to the bioeconomy, is in third place in Europe but the development margins are considerable, especially if we consider the many excellences in the agri-food sector of our country.

There Bioeconomy it concerns the transformation of renewable biological resources and biodegradable waste into value-added products such as food, feed, bioenergy, chemical intermediates and bioproducts. It is a complex of activities that has its core in agriculture and which in Europe generates a turnover of about 2,000 billion euros and employs 22 million people (source European commission 2012).

The circular process of recycling, the cornerstone of the Bioeconomy

BioEnergy events

Among the most valuable points of BioEnergy Italy, Green Chemistry Conference and Exhibition and Food Waste Management Conference it is important to consider the rich program of conferences, seminars, awards (Bionet Green Chemistry Award - Best Practices Award - Degree and Doctoral Thesis Award) e workshop involving in a transversal way all the operators of the various supply chains concerned.

The event schedule it is not yet final but you can download the one updated to date at this address.

By following this link you can request a free ticket for admission to the event.

For more information and the latest news on the initiatives I recommend you visit the official website of the event.

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