How to clean prickly pears

How to clean prickly pears

How to clean prickly pears: instructions for removing the "thorns" and peeling prickly pears, leaving the building part of the fruit intact. How to harvest prickly pears and how to peel them. Today Our websitewill help you solve a thorny question… that ofcleaning of the prickly pear.

Theprickly pear (orprickly pear), botanically known asOpuntia ficus-indica, is a succulent plant belonging to the Cactaceae family; Theprickly pearit is originally from Mexico but it is perfectnaturalizedthroughout the Mediterranean basin: in our country the fruits ripen around September. It is in this period that we ask ourselves how to reap the fruits without filling our hands with thorns.

How to harvest prickly pears

Forcollect prickly pearsfrom the plant without filling the hands with thorns, a special one is mandatorybinder with telescopic handleor a pair of very sturdy work gloves.

It is recommended to avoidpicking prickly pearsduring windy days: the sharp thorns are very light and carried by the wind could damage your face or be dangerous for the eyes.

How to remove the thorns from prickly pears

Remove the thorns from the prickly pears it is not at all simple. Of course, someone will tell you that at the supermarket you can buy prickly pears without thorns, ready to be peeled and tasted ... but those lucky enough to be able to pick fresh fruit from their own tree cannot give them up because of the thorns!

Once harvested, you can place the prickly pears in a basin of water at room temperature, in this way many thorns will go away and, always wearing gloves and with the help of a brush, you can brush away any unnecessary thorns.

A faster method forremove the thorns from prickly pearsit does not require the use of any machine ... Do you know how the farmers who market prickly pears do to remove the thorns? They use a water pump with a high pressure jet! The thorns are very light and a strong jet of water manages to remove them.

How to peel prickly pears

After seeinghow to clean prickly pears from thorns, let's go straight to the peel. This phase is much simpler and to minimize the risks that a surviving thorn can penetrate your hands, we must handle the fruit only with a fork and knife.Peel the prickly pears it's very simple.

Place the fruit on the work surface or on the cutting board.

Hold theprickly pearwith a fork stuck only along the thickness of the peel.

While holding theprickly pear, with a very sharp knife, cut off the two lateral ends.

Always holding theprickly pearwith a fork, this time use only the tip of the knife to cut only the prickly pear peel according to the length. Be delicate, the thickness of the peel is not that high so if you put too much pressure on the knife you risk cutting the pulp too.

With the knife, peel off one of the two sections (the one opposite the side where you stuck the fork) and start pulling the peel away. Roll the prickly pear to reveal all the pulp.

For the first few times, to make thecleaning of prickly pearseasier, you can penetrate with the fork along the entire length of the fruit in order to keep the handle firmer. When you have become more experienced, in order not to damage the pulp, you can limit yourself to penetrating only the thickness of the peel with a fork.

Following a video that will show you what has been explained so far. The author of the video slightly spoiled the pulp with the tip of his fork but I'm sure that you, with a little practice, will be able to do better!

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