Seitan, what it is and how to cook it

Seitan, what it is and how to cook it

Seitan, what it is, how to cook it and what are its properties. Homemade seitan recipe. Alternatives to seitan and lots of information.

Seitan, what is it

What is seitan?
Theseitanis a food based onWheat gluten.

The use of wheat gluten dates back to the sixth century, was first discovered in China and was widely consumed among Mahayana Buddhists as a substitute for meat.

The oldest reference to theseitanappears in Quivi Yaoshu, a Chinese agricultural manual from the year 535. The volume described a type of food prepared with wheat gluten calledbo duo. Today, theseitanit is still very popular among those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, it is nicknamedvegetable meatand you can cook in several ways.

Seitan, how to cook it

Fried Seitan
Theseitanmade at home, it can be cut into small cubes 3 - 5 cm long and then immersed in abundant boiling oil for cooking. Fried seitan can be served with side dishes, stuffed with tofu or cheeses or, again, used in soups.

Seitan can be fried on its own or with the classic breading.

Seitan in a pan with vegetables
With a simple sautéed vegetables (celery, onion and extra virgin olive oil) you can sauté theseitanand accompany it with your favorite vegetables; from potatoes to broccoli.

Seitan, cook it like scallops
The seitan can be cooked like the classic scallops with lemon and olives. Breaded the seitan with flour, place it in a pan with the basic sauté, enriched with lemon juice and olives.

Meatballs and other formats of vegetable meat
Not just scallops, seitan can be used to make the most disparate cuts of meat; from stew to meat sauce… without forgetting meatballs and other recipes that see seitan used as a filling instead of meat.

Seitan, how to do it at home

Seitan is easy to make at home. For therecipetraditional ofhomemade seitanwe invite you to visit our guidehow to make seitan, in this paragraph we will see a shortcut to prepare seitan faster and in a softer variant (with potatoes).

On the market it is easy to find a preparation for seitan based on wheat gluten, if you go to a well-stocked shop or a good supermarket, you can find it in the ethnic cuisine department or together with flours. The lineNatural Foodoffers a preparation for seitan (wheat gluten) derived from organic farming. To make one kilogram of seitan you will need the following ingredients:

  • 320 grams of wheat gluten
    Instant gluten like seitan or prepared for seitan of any kind
  • 300 grams of boiled potatoes
    very cooked
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of dried aromatic herbs
    I recommend rosemary and paprika, but you can choose them according to your very personal taste.
  • salt and pepper, just enough
  • water, just enough

For the procedure:
Boil the potatoes and mash them when they are still warm. If they are cooked enough you can mash them with a fork, alternatively use a special potato masher.

Season the potatoes with the aromatic herbs, salt, pepper and oil.

Add the gluten powder and mix by adding a few tablespoons of water to ensure maximum amalgamability. An egg can be used instead of water.

With the seitan thus prepared you can directly shape the format ofvegetable meatyou intend to cook. With the setina prepared according to the traditional recipe, it was necessary to make a sort ofMeatloafto be cooked and then sliced ​​to make your favorite vegetable meat formats.

The seitan prepared with our recipe can be cooked traditionally in vegetable broth or steamed for 35 minutes. Only after cooking (in broth or steam) can you cook the seitan as described in the previous paragraph.

Alternatives to seitan: mopur and wheat muscle
The properties of seitan are compared with those of wheat muscle and mopur, two vegetable meats of Italian origin.
Nutritional values: seitan, nutritional properties

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