Grow palm trees in the garden

Grow palm trees in the garden

Grow palm trees in the garden: tips on growing palm in the home garden. More suitable species and advice on care and planting.

Thepalmsthey can be grown in Northern Italy just like in the South. Existcold-resistant palmsand suitable to thrive in the northernmost gardens of the boot.

TherePalm treebelongs to the Arecaceae family which includes about 2,500 tree species, among these, many are naturalized in the Mediterranean regions and live better in coastal areas.

Types of Palms to grow in the garden, which one to choose

There are manypalmsto be able togrow in the garden. In this paragraph we will see which are the most common species and their needs.

Cultivating the Canary Island palmin the garden

Therepalm of the canariesis calledPhoenix canariensis. As the name suggests, it is native to the Spanish archipelago. It is widespread along the coastal areas throughout the Mediterranean.

The leaves are up to 5 meters long and give the plant a majestic appearance. If well maintained, this onePalm treeit can reach and exceed a height of 15 meters.

Can it resist the cold?
This species exhibits a modestcold resistance. It can be grown in Southern Italy where winter temperatures do not drop below - 5 ° C. In northern Italy it can be cultivated only along the shores of large lakes where a suitable microclimate is generated for the vegetation of this species.

It needs full sun exposure and draining soil.

Grow date palmsin the garden

Theredate palm, Phenix dactylifera, can be grown only in some areas of Sicily but exclusively for ornamental use because it does not bear fruit on our territory. This palm cannot stand the cold andcultivate dates in Italyit is impossible: the date palm in Sicily and Calabria can thrive but without fruiting. Temperatures above 40 ° C are required for the production of dates.

Grow the Chinese palmin the garden

It is among thepalm trees to grow in the gardenmore features: it has a trunk rich in plant material of gray color that must never be removed.

It's about acold resistant palmbut which, in northern Italy, needs non-woven fabric protections to wrap around the leaves. The protections can be removed when temperatures stabilize above 5 - 8 ° C. The protections are used to keep the vegetation very vigorous because the plant can withstand winter temperatures even close to - 15 ° C!

For all information on the care and cultivation of Chinese palm trees in the garden, please refer to the dedicated guide article:how to grow the Chinese palm.

Grow California palm trees in the garden

The California palm is native to the arid areas of the United States, especially California and Arizona. The botanical name isWashingtonia filiferaand for this it is often calledpalm Washington.

Does this palm resist the cold?
The California palm can withstand the cold quite well, tolerating temperatures around - 8 ° C very well.

Its thin stem, followed by the foliage, can reach a height of 15-20 meters. The base of the stem is robust and tapers towards the apex where it ends with a characteristic crown consisting of the classic fan-shaped palmate leaf composed of 50 - 70 segments.

ThisPalm treeit is widely cultivated in the gardens of the coastal areas of Italy. It should be placed in full sun, sheltered from strong winter winds and in well-drained soils. In the first years following the planting, with the youngest specimens, it will be necessary to prepare repairs from the cold: spread some non-woven fabric veils making sure to wrap the crown and part of the stem.

Grow palm trees in the garden

Therepalm cultivation in the gardenit is not complicated: you just need to carry out the transplant in late spring, between the months of May and June so the plant can form its capillice and root by anchoring well to the ground. Before planting, if necessary, make adjustments to the soil to make it more fertile and suitable for cultivation of palm trees in the garden. To cultivate the Areca palm, here are all the tips in our article

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