Migraine, natural remedies and causes

Migraine, natural remedies and causes

Migraine, natural remedies and causes. Migraine as a symptom and lots of useful information.

Migraine and headache, causes

There are over 300 types of headaches and themigraine it is among the most disabling ones. Whether we are talking about migraines or headaches, there is a more marked incidence among women who seem to be more affected than men. Another relevant data is the distribution ofmigraine by age group: the headache it most commonly affects people between the ages of 30 and 60. L'migraine it is the most disabling headache: it can last from a few hours up to 3 days, compromising normal daily activities.

L'migraine it can have different causes, many of which are individual. There are, in fact, behaviors and habits that greatly influence the onset of migraine, headache and other types of headache. Psychological factors such as temperament and character can also influence. The most nervous people tend to perpetuate a certain muscle tension which, becoming chronic in the thoracic and cervical area, generates a headache known as "tension headache". When the muscle contraction lasts for a long time, migraines are triggered.

A cause very common of migraines and headache, is the incorrect posture. For this reason it can be said that pessimists and very introverted people (who tend to be closed with the shoulders and hunched with the back) can suffer from migraines more often than extroverts (who assume an upright position with both the back and the back). the cervical area).

Migraine as a symptom

Migraine can be a symptom of arterial hypertension, neck disorders, thyroid problems (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism) or various medical conditions. If the symptom persists it is necessary to see a doctor, especially if the headache is accompanied by fever, nausea or motor difficulties. If the migraine occurs with vision or speech difficulties, the doctor should be consulted urgently.

Migraine, natural remedies

With medicines we are able to calm the symptom but we cannot cure the problem upstream. Natural remedies are the most effective because they aim to solve the cause that triggers the headache.

Postural exercises

In case of migraine dictated by an incorrect posture, it will be necessary to consult a posturologist so as to learn how to relax the muscles of the cervical area.

Breathing exercises

Yoga breathing exercises can be a valid natural remedy for migraines and tension headaches.

Healthy lifestyle

L'migraine it does not come by itself, there is always something that causes it: bad mood, anxiety, worries, stress, intense work activities, an untreated illness ... Try to work on the cause, identify the problem in order to correct it.


An incorrect diet can also trigger severe migraines: a diet rich in salt and glutamate can worsen the condition. Food intolerances can cause migraines and, in particular, excessive consumption of sausages, dairy products, pre-packaged baked goods can aggravate the situation.

Take care of yourself

Avoiding an excessive workload can relieve stress-induced migraines. Learning to say no can be very helpful. Self-care is one of the most effective natural remedies for headaches: take some time for yourself and learn to manage negative emotions such as anxiety, nervousness and sadness.

Omega 3

Make sure you take the right amount of omega 3 fatty acids which perform anti-inflammatory activity, useful for soothing migraines. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are nuts, oily fish, chia seeds and flax seeds.

Migraine, remedies to relieve pain

If the natural remedies seen above work in the long term, in this paragraph we will see some ready-to-use remedies to relieve headaches quickly.

Fresh shower
Barely warm shower can be a good rremedy against migraines. Warning! This remedy should be implemented at the very first symptoms of migraine and not when the disorder has become chronic.

Soft atmosphere
A soft, quiet, and noise-free environment can be helpful for relieve migraines immediately. Get into a comfortable position, stop (preferably motionless) and take a break in the dark.

Cold water bottle
If you don't have a cold water bag, you can use a towel kept in the freezer to wrap around your head for 10 minutes. This remedy relieves pain by rebalancing the blood circulation in the cranial area. If the migraine has not gone away, you can repeat the remedy after 30 minutes.

Mint and Lavender essential oil
Dilute a few drops of lavender and mint essential oil in a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Use the ointment to massage the temple in a circular motion. The essential oil of lavender will have a relaxing effect while the essential oil of mint will have a refreshing and mildly anesthetizing effect.

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Mint essential oil

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