How to make gomasio at home

How to make gomasio at home

How to make gomasio at home: healthy properties, what are the benefits of taking this magical powder, the instructions for preparing it at home.

Easily achievable in our kitchens, gomasio is a natural condiment that is obtained from the mixture of toasted sesame seeds and salt. It is regularly used as a condiment, to replace table salt and is appreciated for its high therapeutic virtues; it is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins

Owned by the homemade Gomasio

The benefits of consuming gomasio they are due to the properties of sesame seeds. Among the most interesting properties we point out the abundance of micronutrients, in particular sesame seeds are very rich in B vitamins and mineral salts such as manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

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If black sesame seeds are used to prepare gomasio at home, we will improve our dressing with additional specific mineral salts to safeguard the health of the immune, circulatory and nervous systems.

How to make gomasio at home, the recipe

In light of these considerations, it is legitimate to state how much the gomasio is an ingredient to be preferred over common salt. The low sodium intake contained in it certainly favors the prevention of cardiovascular damage and hypertension. In this regard, we will show you how to prepare gomasio at home following our instructions.

The ingredients

Sesame seeds and sea salt… that's all we need besides the blender! For the preparation the Japanese use suribachi and surikogi, the first is a terracotta mortar, the second a squat wooden pestle. In any case, a common blender is fine. The only important recommendation is to buy organic sesame seeds and whole sea salt.

To prepare about 50 gr. of gomasio serve 45 grams of sesame and 5 grams of salt. The proportions to be observed range from a minimum of 6 parts of sesame to 1 of salt, to a maximum of 20 parts to 1.


  1. Wash the seeds well then drain them
  2. Put a non-stick pan on medium heat and pour the still moist seeds: as the remaining water evaporates, the seeds will begin to toast
  3. At this point, lower the heat and continue toasting
  4. Mix the seeds with the help of a wooden spoon, taking care not to burn them: to identify the right degree of roasting, just make sure that they crumble when in contact with your fingers
  5. Remove from the pan and turn off the heat.
  6. Pour the salt into the pan and toast, so that it loses all its moisture.
  7. Once completely dried, pour the salt into the mixer then add the seeds while continuing to blend until they are almost completely crushed, but without reaching the typical consistency of flour.
  8. The homemade gomasio is ready. Let it cool, keep it in a glass jar and place it in the refrigerator for a maximum of ten days.

Useful information ... ..

To make our sesame seed salt even healthier, you can replace the sea salt with the same amount of pink Himalayan salt. To further flavor the gomasio you can also use aromatic herbs, spices or even seaweed ... you will make an excellent flavored gomasio!

How to use the Gomasio

Now that you know how to prepare gomasio at home, you can try your hand at using it on your tables. At this point, you just have to replace it with table salt. Your body will benefit immediately since it lacks all the contraindications of the latter.

You can use it to flavor dishes and foods, you will give them a new flavor, always different by providing your body with nutritional properties. You can dress sauces, grilled vegetables, cereals, legumes, salads, soups and broths.

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