Homemade tomato preserve

Homemade tomato preserve

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Homemade tomato preserve: ingredients and procedure for preparing tomato jars at home. Do-it-yourself tomato preserve, quick and easy recipe.

The first symbol of the vegetable garden is the tomato and with the end of the summer season we have to start telling himsee you later. Climate changes, caused by the greenhouse effect, have also partly changed the seasonality of the products, which is why, even at the beginning of autumn, it is possible to find products (untreated and grown outdoors) belonging to the previous season. In this period, therefore, it is possible to take advantage of the latest fresh vegetables to prepare preserves and in oil.

To preserve vegetables such as aubergines and peppers, I refer you to the recipes "Peppers in Oil" is"Aubergines in oil" while for thecanned tomatoeshere we explain how to do it.

In this article you will find a small guide on how to make homemade tomato preserve.

Please note: the homemade tomato paste it is not difficult to prepare but it is necessary to follow some precautions to avoid contamination and risk throwing away a lot of effort.

Homemade tomato preserve:how to avoid contamination

It goes without saying that, as with any preserves or homemade jam, hygiene is essential. You can avoid using specific products for washing vegetables, (bicarbonate will be more than enough to sanitize vegetables. Also pay attention to the cleaning of utensils and worktop, cooking in a healthy and clean environment is the first step to obtain results tasty but above all not harmful to the body!

Sterilization of jars for homemade tomato preserves

The sterilization process of the jars is very important and will be useful (as well as for preserving tomatoes at home) also for any other preparation intended to be stored for a long time (such as jams or products in oil).

To sterilize glass jars, just put water in a large pot.

Remember to place a clean cloth on the bottom of the bowl. Immerse the jars in water and with the help of another cloth arrange them in such a way that the jars do not collide with each other (thus risking breaking).

Turn on the fire and calculate, from the moment the water boils, at least 30 minutes.

After half an hour, turn off the heat and let the jars cool gently, directly in the water. Remove the jars and leave them to dry on a clean work surface with the opening facing down (upside down).

Attention: for a complete sterilization process, once the tomato pulp has been poured into the jars, boil the jars again. Alternatively, to skip this step, you can pour the pulp into the jars, still hot (but beware of burns!).

Homemade tomato preserve:ingredients and necessary

- About 2 kg of San Marzano tomatoes (or of the quality you prefer).
- A bunch of basil.
- A cutting board.
- Large pot.
- Knife and vegetable mill.
- Glass containers and screw-on caps.
- Clean tea towels.

Homemade tomato preserve:how to proceed

- Remove the stalk of the tomatoes and wash them thoroughly.
- Dry the vegetables with a cloth in order to eliminate any trace of water that could change the consistency of the sauce.
- Place the washed and dried tomatoes, coarsely chopped, in the pot and light the heat over low heat.
- To prevent the tomato preserve from burning, stir the mixture frequently.
- Let it cook until the tomatoes are soft (they must practically pulp forming a sort of soft mush).
- Once cooked, pass the tomatoes in a vegetable mill and set aside the collected pulp.
- Depending on the quality of the tomatoes and the cooking, it is possible to obtain a thicker or more liquid sauce. To avoid a too watery consistency, use a clean cloth as a filter to remove excess vegetation water.
- Pour the pulp thus obtained into the pan and let it simmer until it starts to boil.
- The tomato sauce can now be poured into the previously sterilized glass jars.
- Remember, before closing the jars, to add a few basil leaves which will give the typical freshness of Mediterranean sauces!
- Your homemade tomato preserve is ready for the next sterilization phase. Later it can be stored in a cool place and enjoyed when most desired, even during the coldest seasons!

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