Barbecue, cleaning and maintenance

Barbecue, cleaning and maintenance

Barbecue, cleaningand correct maintenance of the grids and accessories. Specific detergents and do-it-yourself cleaning to sanitize the barbecue.

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Thebarbecueit is the perfect ally for days spent outdoors: it is the protagonist of braciate and barbecues with friends. Therecleaning the barbecueit must be done with intense regularity and, at the end of the season, when we intend to store the bbq in the garage for a few months, we can take advantage of a deeper maintenance.

Cleaning the gas barbecue and charcoal barbecue

The operations ofcleaningof thebarbecuethey don't change much according to the type of power supply. Of course, there are variations on the theme but nothing complicated.

How to clean the charcoal barbecue

In case ofcharcoal barbecuethe first thing to do is to clean the combustion chamber: eliminate the embers and ash. To facilitate this task, you can use a vacuum cleaner, the same used for cleaning the pellet stove.

Once the embers have been removed from thecharcoal barbecue, you will have to proceed with thecleaning the grill. On the market there are very effective fat melters, but those who prefer DIY canclean the barbecue grillsusing liquid coffee.

At the end of the wash, the grid must always be passed under running water to eliminate detergent residues and organic residues.

How to clean the gas barbecue

Gas models are much more popular than electric ones. Remember that the gas cylinder must be closed or removed every time you proceed with cleaning.

To clean the grids you can use specific detergents or natural degreasers. To clean it, the grill must be removed and placed on a stable surface.

The ideal would be to place it on the sink or use running water together with the friction caused by brushes to remove the dirt accumulated between one line and another.

Natural degreasers to clean the barbecue grill

To clean the grids and the greasy base, you can use natural degreasers such as coffee and white wine vinegar. If the top is still hot, you can clean it using coke or a solution of water and baking soda.

How to clean under the barbecue grill

Under the grill of thegas barbecueaccumulates fat, burnt food and seasonings. When dirt is not systematically removed at the end of each use, it tends to harden and its removal will be more difficult. In this context you will need a brush, a spatula and a scraper to remove the deposits deposited on the bottom. To soften the dirt, on some models, it is possible to heat the top and pour coca cola for a few minutes. Coca cola is very acidic and reaching high temperatures softens even the most stubborn encrustations. If you have any doubts about the use of cola to clean the grills and the base of the barbecue from encrustations, I invite you to visit the page: cleaning encrusted steel pots.

Barbecue, cleaning: specific detergents

Among the proposals on the market, I recommend an organic product, especially if you have to clean the steel barbecue or the kitchen (oven, grills, pots with burnt bottom, sink, hob….) which is in continuous contact with food. In this context, I would like to point out the Campingaz Ecological Detergent for Barbecue and Grills. The price is 17 euros for the 500 ml bottle, with free shipping costs and a specific sponge included in the purchase package.

This product is very effective and has a high degreasing and descaling power. It is an ecological product that can clean the BBQ while respecting the environment. It is so easy to use that you just need to wet the supplied sponge with water and wipe it on the steel to be cleaned. It is an organic and natural product, free of harmful or abrasive substances but very effective and specific for steel encrustations.

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