How to keep flowers fresh

How to keep flowers fresh

How to keep flowers fresh:tips for decorating your home with fresh flowers making them last a long time. From water temperature to specific products for make the flowers last. Advice on the most beautiful flower arrangements.

The flowers, collected in the garden or received as a gift, should be immediately transferred to a vase with water.

How to keep flowers fresh

If it is about harvested flowers, deprive the stem of excess vegetation, keep only the highest leaves and immediately immerse the stem in warm water so as to slow down the loss of sap.

It is important to remove all unnecessary leaves and even more crucial to eliminate the leaves in contact with water: they could rot quickly, plus they represent a breathable surface and therefore increase the dehydration speed of the flower.

If it is abouquetreceived as a gift, remove the paper and the spring that compresses the stems together.

Before putting thebouquetin a vase with water, shorten the stems by a couple of centimeters.

Bouquets and cut flowers should be placed in vases filled with clean and cold water.

Products to extend the life of cut flowers

On the market, in garden centers and at the most well-stocked nurseries, it is possible to purchase specific products to be added to the water to extend the life of the cut flowers. These products prevent the water from rotting, lower the need for water changes and limit the loss of sap by the flowers.

As an alternative to specific products, you can use home remedies useful forextend the life of potted flowers. Nothing too complicated! There are those who recommend adding lemon juice but in reality, it would risk worsening the situation, especially in summer.

A goodremedyforextend the life of cut flowersconsists of addingsodium hypochlorite(bleach) or disinfectant products such as Amuchina.

These products stop the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and any molds ... In other words, they keep the water clean!

By adding bleach to the water of yourscut flowers, you can limit yourself to a water change every 2 - 3 days. Daily, however, it is necessary to check the water level and, if necessary, add more.

The amount ofbleachto add to the water of the flowers depends, generalizing we can suggest using a teaspoon of bleach for each liter of water used.

More tips onhow to extend the life of cut flowers

A and do not use any specific product in drops, make sure you change the water in the jar every day.

It is imperative that the water must always be clean. Avoid exposing the cut flowers near heat sources, since the heat accelerates the evaporation of water.

So the flowers should not be placed near radiators, stoves, fireplaces, sunny windows ... Keep the flowers away from drafts that cause rapid dehydration.

Finally, keep away the flowers from fruit and vegetables, does this seem like a bizarre request? It is not at all! Certain types of fruit and vegetables (avocados, apples, kiwis, bananas, tomatoes…) produce ethylene, a substance that will quickly wilt your beautiful cut flowers.

The right vase for your bouquets and cut flowers

The vase has an impact on thedurationmedium of the bouquet or your cut flowers. The size is important: the flowers must never be piled in the vase! Air must circulate between the stems.

If you want to create a particularly neat floral composition, consider usingsponges. On the market it is possible to find cubic or cylindrical sponges. These are useful for making flower arrangements (for example, a wall hanging flower case, a heart-shaped centerpiece or a flower basket) of all kinds. When buying, choose the most absorbent sponges.

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