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Nasal wash, all the info

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Nasal wash: advice and instructions for adults and children. How many times a day, what is it for, benefits and saline.

Nasal wash, what is it for

Thenasal washit is an excellent strategy to prevent the formation of mucus and obstructions in the nasopharyngeal tract. It counteracts bacterial colonization in the respiratory tract, very common especially in children who, in the winter period, can contract colds in contact with other school children.

Thenasal washIt is recommended for adults and children because it allows a cleansing of the nasal cavities, improving respiratory functions and reducing the risk of contracting inflammation or edema of the mucosa.

It is a good onenatural remedyalso for those suffering from allergies, nasal congestion, colds or bad breath. Thenasal washgives an immediate feeling oflightness, improves breathing and sharpens the sense of smell.

Nasal wash, how many times a day

Thenasal washit should be done every day, even when the baby or infant is fine. Experts recommend doing a nasal wash once a day in the morning. In case of severe cold, adults can perform two washes a day, in special cases even children and babies can undergo two washes a day.

If the washing is done well, the liquid inserted will come out from the opposite nostril or, in case of adenoid hypertrophy, from the same nostril.

It is important to specify that thenasal washdecongested and cold remedy, is given by one hypertonic solutionthe use of hypertonic solutions for nasal washing is indicated for short periods. For further information, take a look at the paragraph dedicated to children and newborns, the same indications also apply to adults.

Nasal wash, adults

For adults, someone recommends using tap water in which you have dissolved a teaspoon of fine salt. Nothing could be more wrong: tap water could be quitetough(with a high quantity of dissolved salts), making it difficult to obtain a balanced saline solution. For both adults and children, it is important to use specific saline solutions for nasal washing.

Nasal wash for children and babies

In case of colds and stuffy noses in children and infants, nasal washes with hypertonic saline solution can be used.

The hypertonic saline solution naturally causes a secretion of water, by osmosis recalling the excess liquids from the nasal mucosa, in this way, the hypertonic solution dilutes the viscous mucus accumulated on the mucosa; the mucus becomes less dense, more fluid and thus it will be easier to expel. The hypertonic saline solution normalize the edematous cells.

How to do nasal washes

It is necessary to have special spray kits with more or less concentrated saline solution. At the end of the paragraph we point out two products suitable for babies and children and for adults.

Rinowash Nasal shower for children
Price: 23.99 euros on Amazon with free shipping.
It performs a gentler nasal wash, so it does not cause any discomfort to children and babies. It is not an independent device as it must be connected to any type of Aerosol.

18 Lab Hyper single-dose vials
Price: 9 euros on Amazon with free shipping.
It consists of 18 single-dose vials, in this case the saline solution enters and exits from the same nostril.

They are very practical, suitable for both adults and children (or babies). They perform a complete washing of the nasal duct but are not able to push themselves as deeply as doing a real washing performed with the Neti Lota.

Neti Lota for nasal irrigation
Price: 18.07 on Amazon with free shipping.
The neti pot is the tool that allows you to perform a complete washing: if done properly, the solution enters from one nostril and comes out from the other.

The first few times you will have to be careful not to let the water stagnate in the nasal or auditory canals, or not to let the water end up in the lungs. The use of the Neti Lota is only recommended for adults.

In any case, after irrigation, you will need to blow your nose gently.

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