Split ends, natural remedies

Split ends, natural remedies

Split ends remedies: useful tips to avoid split ends naturally and have longer, healthier and more hydrated hair.

Always cutting your hair to eliminate split ends can be very stressful; it not only takes away money but also a real investment of time.

Split ends: natural remedies

The many products we find in pharmacies such as ad hoc balms or serums are not always effective; they are expensive and hydrate for a short time. Despite the advice of the expert on duty, our hair continues to deteriorate in a short time.

In this regard, we want to suggest some useful information to avoid split ends without having to resort to products that can have unwanted effects.

Vegetable oil against split ends

Vegetable oils are really effective against split ends: this is the case of coconut oil, jojoba oil or argan oil. It only takes a few drops to keep the tips healthy.

Cut your hair every 3 months

Perhaps this advice will appeal to few but it is necessary if we care about the health of our hair. It is enough to cut half a centimeter every three months; the change will not be noticed and our hair will continue to grow strong and healthy.

This way, we will avoid having to cut them more in the future. Grandmothers recommend doing it on full moon evenings; according to them it is the best time to promote hair health.

Choose a natural shampoo

The quality of the shampoo is the basis of hair health; always opt for the natural one. Commercial shampoos contain sulfates; even if they clean in depth, also producing a wonderful effect as soon as they are washed, they tend to dry and damage the hair, especially the ends.

Always choose natural shampoos; they do not contain sulphates and do not damage the scalp. The shampoo should not be applied on the tips, but on the scalp; the tips will wash with the foam released by the shampoo.

Resort to natural masks

On the market there are several lotions or hair masks that can be harmful to the health of the scalp; they can cause allergies, irritation, itching. Better stay away from these over-the-counter products if we care about our hair.

This is why it is preferable to rely on DIY hair masks; it is absolutely not complicated, indeed it can be fun to experiment with a different recipe each time and they are effective on damaged and dull hair. For further information, please refer to the article "DIY hair masks"

Pay attention to the brush we use

The choice of a good brush is also essential in the prevention of split ends. You don't need a professional and expensive brush; just get a wooden one with natural bristles. These do not damage the hair or electrify it, unlike those made of plastic or synthetic materials.

Every night, before going to sleep, brush your hair carefully, from roots to ends.

Pay attention to the hair dryer and straightener

It is now well known: the hairdryer and the straightener damage the hair fibers and weaken them, making them more fragile, causing breakage and split ends.

Therefore, avoid using these tools when you can and, when you buy them, choose those that damage the hair less, such as ceramic, infrared etc.

Follow a balanced diet

Sometimes split ends have to do with a lack of vitamins, minerals, proteins or fatty acids. When you lack some nutrients, the body removes them from the hair to allocate them to other important functions. Make sure you take the following ingredients often:

  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Avocado
  • legumes
  • Blue fish
  • Whole grains

Drink water

Split ends also result from a lack of hydration. Our hair needs water, like the rest of the body, so we suggest you drink at least 6 glasses every day. You can drink it on an empty stomach, two glasses in the morning, and the others in the afternoon, between meals.

Massage the scalp

A good daily scalp massage, as well as having a relaxing effect, will help you activate circulation and get nutrients to all hair.

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