What waste can be recycled

What waste can be recycled

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What waste can be recycled: list of recyclable materials with concrete examples. Unthinkable waste can also be recycled. The only limit is dictated by economic convenience.

On this page we will give you only a partial view ofwhich waste can be recycled: the list is very long and complex! Innovation, then, makes everything more exciting because materials that were considered non-recyclable until recently ... today they are perfectly recyclable. An example? Cigarette butts, thanks to a process developed by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, can be recycled and destined for the production of insulating bricks.

List of recyclable materials

It is not possible to do a list gods recyclable materials. Everything, in one way or another, can be destined for a second life. The non-recyclable plastic itself, in particular cases, could be considered recyclable! I'mrecyclableeven construction waste: with the products of the demolition of a house it is possible to produce aggregates, gravel, roads and much more. All metals can be recycled as well as all organic waste can be converted into biogas or soil.

Often, the problem of waste is not disposal or recovery in itself, but economic convenience. For example, glass undoubtedly figures inlist of recyclable materials but the practice of recycling is only minimally widespread because it is economically inconvenient.

Wikipedia reduces the list ofrecyclable materialswith only 8 raw materials (wood, glass, paper, fabrics, tires, aluminum, steel and plastic). The list is extremely reductive because all metals can be recycled ... just think of the silicon recovered from exhausted solar panels, the small quantities of gold and silver recovered from WEEE, not to mention platinum and all those materials considered rare earths.

In the home it is easier to do a list of recyclable materials and godsnon-recyclable waste.

Recyclable waste at home

At home, the list of waste that can be recycled is very short if only separate collection is considered. In fact, the following are considered recyclable waste:

  • Paper and cardboard
    that is, newspapers, notebooks, shoe boxes, packaging boxes ... No receipts!
  • PET, PE, PS, PP plastic ...
    namely bottles, polystyrene, packaging ...
  • Aluminum and steel
    that is to say cans, cans of tuna, canned food boxes, aluminum foil, crown caps ...
  • Organic waste
    all that is food leftovers and waste can be converted into compost or used as biomass for the production of biogas.
  • WEEE waste
    e-waste contains precious metals and other recyclable materials.
  • Kitchen oil
    the frying oil must absolutely be disposed of correctly, both in order not to damage the environment and because used oils are an excellent resource.

Not everyone knows that we produce other waste at home that can be recycled. A piece of furniture that you throw away in bulky waste could be recycled if sent to the right supply chain. In many cities there is no ethical culture and only rarely do we rely on consortia… not everyone, in fact, knows that there is a consortium for the recovery and recycling of wood and cork (including corks). So yes ... in the list of waste that can be recycled, wood should also be mentioned. With the wood of cabinets, shelves, kitchen tops ... you can produce insulation panels and other furnishings.

Even fabrics can be recycled without difficulty, so we should give them with the collection of used clothes.

Recyclable plastic

Therecycling of plastic in Italymoves a business of 700 million euros, with 2 thousand professionals and over 300 companies involved.

Every year, in our country, 750,000 tons of plastic are collected and reused. Recycling accounts for 61% of the plastic material placed on the market, so these figures can still increase. For all the info, please refer to the pageplastic recycling.

Recycle plastic to produce diesel

With pyrolysis, plastic is dissolved in an oxygen-free environment to create a petroleum-like distillate, from which various fuels, including diesel, can be made. The first applications of this particularrecyclingthey are operated by Cyna Plc.

Construction and tire waste

Even construction waste can be recycled and the economic prospects, for those with the appropriate equipment, are more than healthy. First of all, the Italian state provides an extra push in the rankings of municipal, provincial and regional tenders for construction companies that use and manage recycled construction site materials. All the info is available on the page: construction site waste, disposal. In the reported article there is no lack of details on therecyclingof ELTs (end of life tires) for the production of asphalts and floors.

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