Cosmetic certifications

Cosmetic certifications

Cosmetic certifications: know them to always choose Bio. List of organic certifications to choose the best and most reliable product.

When we buy godscosmeticsit is good to be aware of what we are bringing home: it is necessary to understand what will come into close contact with our skin! For a specific on the ingredients I invite you to read my guide on What cosmetics and INCI contain.On this page I will focus on what are thecertificationsofficers of theorganic cosmetics.

Organic cosmetic certifications

There are manyentitiesof cosmetics certification but there are not as many that we can trust. In this paragraph we will list thecertificationsgodsorganic cosmeticsmore authoritative and we can trust.

Bio eco cosmetics Aiab, what it is

The brandBio eco cosmetics Aiabis issued by the Association of Organic Agriculture (Aiab) and guarantees the absence ofgenetically modified organisms.

This certification sees very strict standards and guarantees, in thecosmetics, the total absence of non-vegetable allergenic or irritating raw materials considered harmful to humans.

The brand ensures the absence of animal testing, the use of raw materials from certified organic farming and an eye for the environment. The Bio brand includes the wording Eco because unsustainable materials are not used for both the product and the packaging.

Icea certification, what it is

The ICEA (institute for ethical and environmental certification) is the body that certifies both natural and organic products.

Products with this brand must comply with strict standards: the finished product must also be suitable for sensitive or intolerant skin. The ingredients must be pure and skin-friendly.

Cosmos certification, what it is

Therecosmos certificationis issued byIcea

There are two different onescertifications, one for the productsbio(Cosmos Organic) and one for natural cosmetic products (Cosmos Natural).

Therecertificationthe finalIcea, in fact, it is divided into:

  • Natural Eco Bio
  • Cosmos Natural
  • Cosmos Organic

Natrue certification, what it is

Many consider it thebetter certificationfor cosmetics because it uses the most important international standard on organic and natural cosmetics.

The certification was created byInternational natural and organic cosmetics association. The assignment of theNatrue certificationinvolves three phases:

  • the ingredients must all be of natural origin
  • all raw materials must be processed with sustainable methods
  • most of the ingredients must come from certified organic farming.

Demeter certification, what is it

L'Association for the protection of biodynamic quality in Italy(Demeter) is a control and certification body with very restrictive standards. It is officially recognized and appreciated for maximum transparency. Its standards apply the "Demeter / Biodynamic" method which can be consulted directly from the institution's official website.

Ecocert certification, what it is

He was born in 1991 in France. This body is based in 24 nations and is certifiedecocertit is assigned only to products that have a percentage of natural and certified organic ingredients of at least 95%.

The ecocert certification requires the absence of synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, synthetic organic dyes, mineral oils, glycol or any petroleum derivative.

Ecolabel certification, what it is

Thereecolabel certificationyes, it takes into account raw materials but also focuses on the entire life cycle of the product and on the social and ethical aspects of the supply of raw materials as well as the entire production chain.

Cosmos certification, what it is

Therecosmos certificationis issued byIcea

There are two different onescertifications, one for the productsbio(Cosmos Organic) and one for natural cosmetic products (Cosmos Natural).

Ccpb certification, what it is

Ccpb is the consortium for the control of organic products. The checks, here, are made upstream: verify that the standards of the organic certification are respected.

Certifyorganic cosmetics and is recognized byNatrue, the leading international standard forcertificationorganic cosmetics.

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