How to keep ants away

How to keep ants away

Remedies for antsHere are 5 strategies and 5 foolproof natural remedies to keep ants away from your home. Forever!

That ofantsit is a large family diversified to adapt to the most disparate habitats of the globe.

How to keep ants away

Let's start with 5 strategies to be adopted before intervening with specific remedies.

1) The first goal is to identify the provenance of the ants, carefully examining the premises of our house. Ants use holes or crevices. To some it may seem absurd but ... you have to follow the ants! A strategy for identifying the entry points consists in patiently following an ant on its path for several minutes.

In this way you will be able to understand points of entry and potential sources of food.

2) Once the possible ones have been identified access points of ants in your apartment, you have to run for cover.

Evaluate whether it is possible to close the access holes with targeted interventions: you can apply putty, excellent in the case of cracks in the wood or tiles. Sometimes ants can get in through the cracks made by the gas pipes (beware of ants in the kitchen!) or from the hydraulic pipes. In more extreme cases you can intervene with the replacement of shutters and fixtures if there are major leaks.

It is also important to heal any cracks in the walls that could be the ideal place for ants refuge. The ants in the walls of the house I'm certainly not new.

3) Another very important action is to make sure that the floor is completely clean and free of crumbs and food residues. You will also have to check in the cavities or behind the kitchen furniture. Also try not to leave dirty dishes in the sink or the organic waste bin open.

Always store food in sealed containers with particular attention to foods that contain sugars such as jams, candies and syrups. One solution to isolate these foods could be to place them in airtight plastic bags or glass jars.

4) Another fold is the ants in plant pots ornamental. If you have plants in your house, in fact, forkeep ants awayyou will have to pay close attention to the soil. Insects, in general, love the humidity of the soil because it is their natural and ideal habitat. Try moving the individual plants, perhaps on the balcony or in any case outside the apartment. If a plant is already overrun by ants, carry out an emergency repotting by replacing the substrate with new and fresh soil.

To prevent others ants can settle in vases plants in the house, immediately remove dry leaves and especially withered flowers. The pot must always be strictly clean.

5) Wash the floors with a solution composed of water, vinegar and clove essential oil: this mix of substances will make your home an unwelcome environment to ants, above all thanks to the presence of clove extract. Vinegar is a good one natural remedy to keep ants away, however, its effect is only temporary. When the smell of the vinegar disappears, the ants will feel free again to master in your home!

Ants in the kitchen, remedies

A few drops of clove essential oil can also be used in more areashitfrom ants. This is a very useful remedy in case ofants in the kitchen.

Even the essences of lemon and orange (essential oil extracted by cold pressing of the lemon and orange peel) can be very suitable for warding off ants. These essential oils represent godsnatural repellentsvery effective and respectful of the environment.

Don't underestimaterepellents natural against antsbased on more harmless compounds such asd-limonene.D-limonene is a simple extract from orange peel and lemon peel, another substance that ants prefer to keep away from. This is why we recommend that you give lemon essential oil a chance.

Remedies to keep ants away

We come now to 5 most effective natural remedies to keep ants away from home. We have already mentioned the mixture of vinegar and cloves.

1) Salt is a simple and easy remedy to experiment: spread it along the window frames and in the possible access points of your apartment. Ants hate it!

Thisremedyforkeep away the antsit becomes even more effective if you moisten the coarse salt with a few drops of clove essential oil.

2) Chilli powder and paprika are other substances that you can spread in the possible access points of your apartment. However, this remedy is not recommended if you have pets, dogs and cats in particular. It is also contraindicated in the case of children.

3) To protect the kitchen countertops, in addition to the clove essential oil, you can use simple bay leaves and dried oregano. So and oregano are great natural remedy, these plants, just like cloves, give off a scent that is pleasing to us but hated by ants.

4) In case of ants on the balcony, in addition to the remedies already mentioned, you can count on an ancient grandmother's remedy at no cost. For the balcony, aremedy to ward off ants it consists of coffee grounds that you can put next to pots or between plants. Coffee grounds enrich the soil, however their effectiveness is not always real. The ants seem to get used to the presence of coffee grounds, however it's worth a try.

5) Mint is another natural repellentforkeep away the ants. Mint, for us humans, smells good but acts like ant repellent. You can use mint leaves in the drawers or bedside tables even if they contain linen.

Ants on plants in the balcony

You can take advantage of the natural repellents described above or ad hoc products ... better if they are not toxic.

When the ants are on the balcony and besiege ornamental plants and house plants, you can solve the problem with a "Natural Pest Control" that you will have to spray directly on the plants. It is true, the price is a bit salty (on Amazon it is offered at a cost of 17.99 euros with free shipping costs) but it is the bottle that will save the life of your plants and prevent you from a nervous breakdown.

Ants in the country house

If your home is in the open countryside, timely intervention may be more difficult. Theants at home in the open countryside Yes they can fightespecially with prevention: domestic environments, if they are free of crumbs or food of various kinds, do not constitute an attraction for ants. Remember that theantsthey enter the house because they find, here and there, some crumbs or other more interesting food sources. With targeted interventions you will be able to resolve the situation.

Remember to check that there are no plants with branches in direct contact with the building because they could be an ideal "entrance door" for ants.

How to get rid of ants

Selfkeep ants away from homenot enough, you will need to move on to drastic remedies ...Warning!Drastic does not necessarily mean "toxic insecticides".

Pyrethrum is a very effective natural insecticide and widely used in agriculture for the control of parasites (including aphids and ants). For all information on use: pyrethrum, natural insecticide.

For those looking for even more extreme remedies, we refer you to the Amazon page dedicated to home and garden maintenance, with specific products for drive away and / or eliminate the ants.

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