Jade: stone, meaning and properties

Jade: stone, meaning and properties

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Jade, a fascinating stone for its colors but also for its powers. It is often used for heart and liver health, on the "anatomical" side, while from the point of view of the psyche, Jade would seem able to help convey emotions better. All that remains is to inquire, and try.

Jade: meaning of the stone

Giada, as a name, comes from the Spanish "pedra de ijada”, An expression in which“ ijada ”means hips. We therefore have the "flank stone", well explained by the fact that Jade has a beneficial power on the loins and kidneys. This name makes us understand that it was already known at the time of the Spanish conquest of Central America, in this land it was worked to produce objects and amulets.

We find the Jade also in ancient China, here it was even considered sacred, able to prevent corrosion and drive away evil spirits, which is why it was used for funeral urns. This particular attention on the part of the ancient Chinese people can be found in the traditional literature of the same people, in which jade is often cited together with gold as symbol of wealth.

Jade stone: properties

According to Confucius, jade would possess ben eleven virtues, including benevolence, fidelity, education and sincerity, and this stone was a real guide that each man must take as a reference to improve his own conduct.

Today some powers are recognized, first of all that of strengthen the liver, spleen and heart, to reactivate circulation, to purify the blood and stimulate the immune system. In general, it rebalances the body as a whole and can be unlined even when they arise swelling in the legs and knees.

A stone like this, kept with it, it also affects the psyche, calms us and soothes us, manages to make us feel less troubled and distressed.

Jade eliminates fear e helps to make the right decisions, always pushing towards a positive renewal, “open mind”. The element that is associated with it is Water, the connected Chakras are the second ("abdomen") and fourth ("heart").

Let's now take a look at more "technical" properties of stone. It belongs to the mineral class of phyllosilicates and its chemical formula is NaAl [Si2O6] + Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn. It is defined as an ornamental stone rather than a real mineral, because in fact it is a mix of silicate minerals (jadeite and nephrite) assembled to form a structure of very fine granules and intertwined fibers.

Jade: stone color

There is no "Jade color", but there are many that this stone shows in order to meet our tastes. It is usually a white background or white to gray, uniform, on which pinkish, lavender, violet shades appear. We also find stones that appear emerald green or light green, this happens when chromium is present.

Jade stone: price

Remember the Chinese who considered this stone almost like Gold? Here, the price that even today turns for the Jade gives them reason. Furthermore, attention should be paid to the fact that there are also other minerals on the market that try to be confused for this precious stone and are not.

The serpentine can be deceiving, it is worth much less but it looks a lot like it, it is extracted from the same deposits of jadeite and nephrite. Too bad it is more malleable and much less resistant. If we want an elegant real jade ring, we can buy it online on Amazon for 17.50 euros. It is a way to test the properties that the way attributes to them.

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