Roof maintenance, all the info

Roof maintenance, all the info

Roof maintenance extraordinary and ordinary. The interventions that can be deducted and those to be supported solely with one's own strength. Deductions at 50 and 65%.

Thereroof maintenanceit is essential to avoid any risk of water infiltration. Water infiltration from the roof can cause damage to the entire building structure. For this reason, it is important to periodically check the status of the order and to take actionordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance. For the interventions of maintenance extraordinary roofthere are tax deductions ranging from 50 to 65%.

Ordinary roof maintenance

The interventions ofordinary roof maintenancethey do not provide for any tax deduction. Of fundamental importance, in the works ofroof maintenanceis the control of the state of the membrane coating.

The replacement of the roof covering is seen as an ordinary maintenance intervention so it cannot be deducted from the tax.

Repair or replacement of the roof sheathing or membrane

The membrane coating should have good adhesion. In case of modest damage, where there are few spots with bubbles or cracks, it is possible to repair by adding a new layer of coating where it is missing.

It is necessary to replace the membranous cover in case of serious injuries, numerous bubbles (by now the membrane has detached from the underlying support) and cracked overlaps. The membrane must also be replaced to intervene on the underlying insulating layer, in the event that this is no longer effective (if it has become moistened, deformed, flaked, soaked in water ...).

Repair or replacement of tiles

As for theroof maintenance with tiles, replacing the tiles does not represent an intervention by Extraordinary maintenance.

The replacement of the tiles, in fact, is seen as an inevitable periodic intervention. Theroof with pantiles or tilesit can be repaired when only a few tiles (or tiles) are damaged. In these circumstances it will be enough to replace the old tiles and bent tiles with new ones, identical to the others already installed.

It is necessaryfix the roof tilesperiodically, especially if you notice that someone has moved. The phenomenon of the displacement of the tiles can be contained by intervening on the entire surface of the mantle, perhaps also by replacing the old support strips.

The interventions ofordinary roof maintenanceare all those works ofrenovationaimed at healing and restoring an existing situation. Even the replacement of existing parts, for the Revenue Agency, is seen as ordinary maintenance and therefore does not have the right to access the 50% deductions. Ordinary maintenance interventions are defined:

  • Replacing the gutter
  • Replacement of the insulation layer with a similar one
  • Cover repair
  • Repair of the waterproofing membrane
  • Repair of the tile roof
  • Replacing the tiles
  • Replacement of tiles
  • Any intervention that "restores the health of the roof“.

Extraordinary roof maintenance and tax deductions of 50% and 65%

In case of roof renovationthrough interventions ofExtraordinary maintenance there are incentives up to 65%. If the intervention concerned the remaking of the insulating layer with an improvement in the thermal performance of the entire home, the deductions reach 65% thanks to the eco-bonus.

In order to take advantage of the tax deductions in roof maintenance worksthe insulating layer can be replaced by choosing a new thermal insulating material with a thickness capable of guaranteeing greater insulation. In this context, theroof renovationcan guarantee a tax deduction of 50% or 65%. The 65% deduction can be requested by calling in a construction technician able to issue an APE certificate (energy performance certification) that can demonstrate the benefit achieved in terms of energy saving and thermal efficiency.

If the insulation layer has deteriorated, you can think about replacing it by evaluating newer and alternative materials. The 50% deduction can be obtained simply by carrying out work onextraordinary maintenance of the roofthat can relaunch a new stratification and composition of the same roof. For more information, please refer to the page:roof renovation, deductions.

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