How to polish porcelain stoneware

How to polish porcelain stoneware

How to polish porcelain stoneware: tips for polishing and removing stains from porcelain stoneware, matt, glossy or wood effect floors.

The porcelain stoneware floor is a clay mixture that is very resistant to abrasion, waterproof and long lasting. Despite its waterproofness, theporcelain stonewareit is a microporous material. This means that its pores can accumulate dirt that is difficult to remove in the long run.

To perform a good maintenance of the floors inporcelain stonewareit will be necessary to provide for ordinary cleaning and, in addition, perform a periodic onepolishing.

How to clean a glossy or matte porcelain stoneware floor

All you need is a vacuum cleaner and the classic mop ... but beware of the detergent you use. Porcelain stoneware should not be cleaned with the classic detergents you find in the supermarket, the fault lies with the surfactants.

The surfactants are perfect when you have to degrease a plate or old grandma's tiles. They are less suitable, however, when it comes toclean and polish the porcelain stoneware.

The surfactants dissolve the dirt deposited on the surface of the tile… the dirt, like thatdissolved, will be free to penetrate the micro-pores of the stoneware! Well… when you wash the stoneware floor with a common floor cleaner… instead of cleaning it, you dirty it!

For theporcelain stonewareglossy or mattethat is, it will be necessary to choose a specific detergent. The same goes for thewood-effect porcelain stoneware.

Among the various specific products for cleaning of porcelain stoneware, we reportMarbec Gres Lindo, offered on Amazon at a price of 12.57 euros with shipping costs included.

If you don't want to buy the recommended product, make sure you use an inorganic salt based cleaner such assodiumorpotassium that thoroughly clean the floor without allowing dirt to penetrate into the micropores of the stoneware.

Please note:if you use the Gres Lindo product, use lower doses than those indicated on the label. You will undoubtedly find yourself better ... I tell you this from personal experience.

How to remove stains from porcelain stoneware

If theporcelain stoneware floorwas neglected even for a short period, it will be necessary to switch to heavy artillery! Let's not talk about cleaning with steam… even this is ineffective when the microporosity of theporcelain stonewarethey are saturated with dirt.

In this context it is possible to use specific stain removers. The Fila acid stain remover (based on phosphoric acid) is very popular on the market, again with non-ionic surfactants or a less aggressive stain remover from Marbec that contains alcohol, inorganic salts and sulphamic acid. Both products are valid, I personally use the Marbec but if the masons were at home and they left traces of paint, it is better to focus on the Fila product.

The Marbec stain remover is best suited foreliminate halos, fingerprints and, alas, the same stains on the stoneware left by other detergents. For all information on the product (price, use, data sheet) I refer you to the official Amazon page: Marbec Power Det. Make your choice based on your real needs.

How to polish and protect porcelain stoneware

Forpolishit is possible to use specific waxes but I do not recommend them ... with subsequent washing, the waxes are dissolved and end up in the micropores of the stoneware generating more dirt. Rather, it would be more appropriate to use protective agents that preserve the natural brilliance (or opacity) of the porcelain stoneware.

Also in this case there are a large number of products on the market. Any protective product must be applied on a floor that is already clean and dry. The treatment should be done every two months, even if the manufacturer promises 3 - 6 months of freedom but ... unfortunately, at least with mywood-effect porcelain stoneware floorhe did not keep his promise. Every two months I apply the product and, in my 112 square meter home, I use two 0.75 liter bottles.

Also this time I refer you to the official Amazon page for all the details on the product: Marbec protective anti-dirt.

Please note! Do not spray excess product, as it is not penetrating, it will remain on the surface of the stoneware and you will then have to pass a damp swab to remove it. Apply just enough by distributing it evenly with a soft cloth.

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