How to restore wooden surfaces

How to restore wooden surfaces

How to restore wooden surfaces: let's try with the "do it yourself" to restore shine to old wooden surfaces. These are simple tricks with natural ingredients.

Wood restoration is one of the most fascinating aspects of building recovery. Whether it is the old beams of the roof of our house or perhaps our grandmother's old chest of drawers, each wood has a specific nature that must be respected and enhanced.

Even if the market offers alternative materials for furnishing the house, many prefer wood both for a question of quality and aesthetics. The problem is that the maintenance of the wood is not simple, in fact some external agents deteriorate or damage the furniture.

Restoring wooden surfaces may seem like a difficult task, in reality it does not require special skills on the part of DIY enthusiasts. There are, in fact, some tricks that do not require too much money and help to repair imperfections and scratches on wooden surfaces, in order to keep them in good condition.

On this page we will show you how to restore a wooden piece of furniture, using natural materials and effective techniques to obtain a piece of furniture with a practically new appearance.

Cod liver oil

Even though it has an unpleasant smell, cod liver oil is an excellent solution to hide scratches on wooden surfaces.

How it applies

  1. Break a capsule of cod liver oil
  2. Rub the liquid contained in it on the surface of the piece of furniture in question and wait a few hours: the time necessary to allow the product to penetrate deeply
  3. After the necessary time, wipe the surface with a soft cloth to make the cabinet shine
  4. Repeat the application twice a week.


A nut-based compound can be a good way to cover up scratches that make wooden furniture appear older. The natural oils and the pulp of the walnuts blend easily on the woody surface, restoring its original appearance.

How it applies

  1. Chop a few walnuts until you get a flour and then moisten it with a little water or olive oil
  2. Rub the mixture on the furniture and let it dry
  3. Remove the excess mixture with a soft cloth and repeat the treatment once a week.


Wax is an effective product against scratches and other imperfections on wooden furniture. Since it easily combines with other ingredients, it can be mixed with paints to even out the color of the furniture.

How it applies

  1. Rub the required amount of wax on the furniture or use hard wax to fill in small cracks or scratches that form on the wood
  2. With a soft sponge, remove the excess product.

Coffee grounds

The dye released from the coffee grounds can help improve the appearance of furniture that appears scratched and old.

The constant application of this product on the furniture helps to reduce the presence of stains and also fills small cracks or dents.

How it applies

  1. Moisten the coffee grounds with water or linseed oil and apply the mixture obtained on the surface of the piece of furniture in question
  2. Remove the residues with a brush and repeat the treatment once a week.

Vinegar and oil

By combining vinegar with olive oil you get a very effective rinse aid in covering even scratches. The two ingredients protect the wood from external agents and eliminate dust and bacteria.

How it applies

  1. Combine white wine vinegar and olive oil in equal parts and rub the solution on the wooden surface that needs cleaning.
  2. Allow the product to be absorbed for a few minutes then remove the excess with a damp cloth.

Play dough

Not everyone knows that plasticine is a material that lends itself to covering the scratches that spoil the appearance of wooden furniture.

How it applies

  1. Take the plasticine in the amount needed to fill the cracks
  2. At this point, apply some lacquer or glue to fix it well.

Toothpaste and oil

Combining toothpaste with oil produces an excellent product that is very useful for covering scratches on tables or other wooden objects.

How it applies

  1. Moisten the toothpaste with a little vegetable oil and rub it on the scratches on the wooden surface
  2. Leave to act until the product has dried, then remove the excess with a damp cloth

Sawdust and glue

If the scratches on the wood surface are too deep, this simple remedy with sawdust and glue can be really effective.

How it applies

  1. Take the amount of sawdust you need then mix it together with the white glue
  2. Apply the mixture on the cracks or scratches
  3. let it dry then clean the surface
  4. If desired, you can also apply a little lacquer or varnish to give the surface a shiny appearance.

Before throwing away your furniture because it looks old to you, try these DIY remedies; you will have the opportunity to restore a renewed appearance to wooden surfaces with a minimum cost.

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