Savoury foods

Savoury foods

Savoury foods, enemies of those who want to stay fit, but also of those who simply want not to increase the risk of getting sick. This should not lead us to eliminate salt from our diet, indeed, salt is needed, but you need to use it "cum salis".

To eat too many salty foods is not recommended to everyone but in particular to those with hypertension problems. It also causes cellulite, not serious but unwelcome. The World Health Organization has recently advised healthy adults to do not exceed 2,000 milligrams of salt per day.

Salty foods: list

The list of salty foods is long, but we can indicate the top ten, always to be taken "with pliers" because often passing from brand to brand, of a certain food, the values ​​change. It is therefore good, in the reckoning, discuss with a doctor and a dietician to understand if our diet has a correct intake of salt.

In first place as salt, we have the lean raw ham, then the smoked salmon and pecorino which wins the bronze medal. Below we find the Ketchup, followed by pork sausage, from breadsticks and crackers, in pairs, and then with mayonnaise, sauerkraut and french fries in bags. It is clear that our beloved Mediterranean diet is not particularly dangerous when on salt.

Quick salty foods

When it comes to savoury foods, those foods that are too salty are not always meant. In fact, it is often said, "you prefer sweet or savory", or one salty snack, but not thinking of an excess, simply the presence of foods that are not classifiable as sweets. A few examples? Here are: quick tomato puff pastry breadsticks, salted damselfish, salted cheesecake with herbs, or ham, savory crepes, stuffed with cold cuts or cheese.

Salty party foods

During the holidays, they are often used foods that are unsafe, as for the salt, because chips and pretzels are comfortable and practical. Salami are also one of the most popular ingredients in sandwiches, canapés, appetizers, which are very popular at parties.

Who must be careful for health reasons, therefore, during the holidays he has to pay more attention in avoiding too salty goodies.

Salty foods: recipes

Just about cured meats I spoke, and here we are with the recipe for mortadella meatballs, excellent both as a main course and as an appetizer. This is not to contradict me but to show that it is not necessary to eliminate cured meats from the diet, unless the doctor, just consume them in moderation.

To prepare about 16 meatballs we take 300 grams of potatoes, 80 gr of mortadella, 50 gr of grated Parmesan cheese and an egg. A pinch of salt if needed, because both mortadella and parmesan are already quite tasty, better add some nutmeg and breadcrumbs, a little olive oil

Salty foods: quality salt shakers

If it bothers us to have to be careful of the salt, let's try to take it with a touch of irony and buy some nice salt shakers, or a whole set of steel salt and pepper mills stainless steel, at 45 euros, on Amazon.

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