How to keep mosquitoes away

How to keep mosquitoes away

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How to keep mosquitoes away: from natural insecticides to DIY spray repellents. Traps, prevention and remedies to keep mosquitoes away from home and garden.

For ward off mosquitoes that invade our garden and our internal environment it is not necessarily necessary to resort to insecticides which, among other things, prove to be very harmful both to humans and to the environment.

Nature is also our friend! To this proposed here how to keep mosquitoes away using natural remedies. With i natural remedies against mosquitoesand, we will avoid potential dangers from chemicals!

Please note, there are now four types of mosquitoes in circulation in Italy. We have the common mosquito, the tiger mosquito, the Korean mosquito and the Japanese mosquito. Not all the remedies mentioned here are effective against all four species reported on our territory.

How to keep mosquitoes away with essential oils

To ward off mosquitoes, essential oils come to our aid; in fact, to the smell, they are stunned: some substances contained in the oils interfere with the functioning of the nervous system and the enzymatic processes of mosquitoes.

Among the most effective we mention:

  • lavender essential oil,
  • tea tree essential oil,
  • Lemon essential oil,
  • Eucalyptus essential oil,
  • peppermint essential oil,
  • Citronella essential oil
  • geranium essential oil.

The only drawback, however, is that the effect is short-lived and therefore must be applied frequently. The essential oils mentioned are easily found on Amazon or in the most well-stocked herbalists.

Among the oils mentioned we point out an excellent product offered on Amazon at the price of 9.90 euros for the 50 ml package. Let's talk about lemongrass essential oil. For all information: Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Lemongrass essential oil has a very strong smell, not very pleasant but certainly effective. it yourself mosquito repellent

With essential oils you can prepare natural do-it-yourself repellents. For the preparation, just dilute one of the essential oils mentioned above in Almond or Avocado oil, in a concentration of 5%.

Apply the mixture obtained on the skin and you will have an infallible barrier against mosquitoes, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin.

No significant side effects were found in the application of the mosquito repellent. In case of skin redness, stop immediately and contact your doctor

DIY mosquito candles

Always using essential oils it is possible to makecandleshomemade mosquito repellent. To prepare homemade mosquito candles you can follow the tips in our guide:How to make scented candles, remember to enrich the natural wax with lemongrass essential oil.

Do it yourself mosquito spray

As an alternative to repellent to be applied to the skin and to DIY mosquito candles, you can make a homemade anti-mosquito spray always using essential oils. For the preparation, just dilute one of the oils mentioned above in water
in a concentration of 3%.

Shake the mixture well and use a vaporizer to spread it around the bed, near the windows, on the balcony and in the most risky environments.

How to keep mosquitoes away, natural remedies

Here is a list ofgrandmother's remedies isnatural remedies forward off mosquitoes.

  • Place a bag of lavender or a glass of vinegar on the bedside table, near the beds or on the windows.
  • Arrange a basil plant or geranium pots placed on windows, balconies and sills.
  • Insert in the stoves some homemade plates instead of the classic plates. For preparation, just cut the lemon or orange peel into the same shape and put it in the stove. It will work great natural repellent but it will not have the same duration as the classic platelets.
  • Place near the window, a saucer with some cloves or a bowl of vinegar with a few slices of lemon.

How to repel mosquitoes with repellent plants

There are several plants that keep mosquitoes away, such as lemongrass, lemongrass, geraniums, basil, lavender, mint and especially catalpa. Catalpa is called the queen of mosquito repellent plants. La Catalpa offers beautiful blooms from May to July and with its fresh summer smells, it manages toward off mosquitoes in a completely natural way!

ATTENTION: avoid water stagnation under the pots, in addition, to prevent the mosquitoes nest on our balcony, experiment with the copper coin technique which consists in putting one in each saucer. Thanks to copper, the water where mosquitoes usually come to lay their eggs, should become inhospitable.

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How to keep mosquitoes away from the lawn in the garden

Pyrethrum, a natural insecticide, is effective against all four species mentioned in the introduction.

The pyrethrum should be used in the evening time slots, when temperatures are lower and there is no sun. In fact, pyrethrum, being a natural extract, tends to deactivate itself with the sun because its active ingredient is photosensitive.

Pyrethrum, before being an insecticide, is a plant, so it naturally degrades within a couple of days and in the meantime, exerts its effectiveness against mosquitoes.

How to use? You can buy the ready-to-use spray form or concentrated spray (cheaper). Generally you need to dilute 14-25 ml of product in 10 liters of water in order to have a greater yield and more convenience in large-scale treatments.

The price is 16.81 euros with shipping costs included and, again, for all the information, I refer you to the product sheet: Bayer Pyrethrum actigreen (Bio).

Before buying it and continuing to use it, I recommend that you read the article dedicated to DIY mosquito repellent bottles reported in the paragraph about the traps. The article on mosquito repellent bottles will allow you to get a better overview of the use of the natural pyrethrum insecticide.

DIY traps

These annoying insects can be eliminated with the use of do-it-yourself traps, as is the case with the very popular anti-mosquito bottle, a trap that uses natural, harmless and easy-to-find components as bait. For more info: Build a mosquito repellent bottle.

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