Plants to attract butterflies

Plants to attract butterflies

Advice on the cultivation of plants to attract butterflieson the balcony or in the garden of the house. How to help endangered butterflies.

The Ministry of the Environment has raised the alarm on the risk of disappearance rare butterflies: for 18 of the 289 Italian species there is danger of extinction. Several factors decimate butterfly populations:

  • the intensification of agriculture and the excessive use of pesticides
  • urbanization, land consumption and the abandonment of rural areas
  • industrial pollution
  • climate change

In the European panorama, the worst situation seems to be that of Switzerland where the government has sounded the alarm for 12 species of butterflies in sharp decline, 49 dangerously threatened species and 39 species even at risk.

Who wantshelp butterfliesand other pollinating insects such as beesmay decide to cultivate a flowery meadow. Flowering meadow sowing is the ideal solution forattracting birds, butterflies and bees. Don't be afraid of thembees, they are charming, communicative and have an enviable example of hierarchy! :)

Plants to attract butterflies

I have already explained many things to you in the guide "how to attract butterflies", on this page I will give you a further list of the plants most loved by butterflies which, releasing volatile aromatic compounds into the air, will be able toattract butterflieson the balcony of the house or in the garden.

Theplants to attract butterfliesthey are the flower ones, they are callednectarines flowersand even better if they are colored! Butterflies not infrequently enter urban areas in search of nectar, perhaps in a nearby park or attracted by an uncultivated field. The nectarine plants guarantee the butterflies everything they need to survive. What are the plants to attract butterflies to the counter or in the garden? Here are the best.

Buddleia, butterfly catcher plant

It has been nicknamedbutterfly catcher plantfor its sweet-scented tufted flowers. They manage to attract many butterflies, especially thevanessa atalanta.


Lantana can not be missing in the garden or on the balcony of those who intendattract butterflies. It has very showy nectarine flowers and green leaf with jagged edges.


Lavender is very easy to grow and with its purple flowers it can attract many butterflies. The butterflies that most love lavender nectar are the pierids, the cedronellae and the yacht butterflies as the speciesManiola jurtina.

Honeysuckle and hawthorn

Honeysuckle and hawthorn give blooms rich in nectar that emanate scents especially in the evening hours. It is no coincidence that these two plants are suitable for attracting crepuscular butterflies such as Pavonia minor.


If you have a garden or a spacious balcony, you can grow carrots! Carrots recreate the ideal habitat forswallowtail. With its almost 8 centimeters of maximum wingspan, it loves to lay eggs on the tender leaves of carrot plants. Thanks to the swallowtail, you could observe the entire life cycle of this butterfly. In practice, the swallowtail can be seen from the beginning of spring (the period in which the chrysalises flicker) until late autumn. From autumn to winter, you will see its caterpillar that will turn into a chrysalis to begin its new butterfly life the following spring.


Remember that butterflies need a source of water. Whether on the balcony or in the garden, if you want to attract butterflies you will need to have a tub with fresh, clean water (you will need to change it often). Water is also useful for attracting bees and birds.

Butterflies, where to find them

In uncultivated meadows, rural areas, hills and grasslands far from pesticides or other agricultural treatments. If you are curious about the life of a butterfly (where they live, where they sleep, how they reproduce, how they transform…) you can take a nice trip!

Where do the Italian butterflies?In Monopoli, for example, in the province of Bari (Puglia), you can find the fruit of the non-profit project Farfalia. Inside the Lama degli Ulivi Botanical Garden there is theHouse of Butterflies. Personally, I visited the Butterfly house bringing my granddaughters, a unique opportunity to photograph these beautiful moths. The butterflies are raised in a large greenhouse (starting from the eggs) and when the chrysalis has produced a mature butterfly ready to take flight, the operators release it in the wild, ready to face another life cycle!

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